Medium; Pencil on paper

Size : 30.48 x 43.18 cm

The Cobbler


The Walk 

Medium; Conté and Charcoal on paper

The idea behind the creation of Walk of Shame was stimulated by fashion accessory advertisements that use nudity as means to sell and put emphasis on the product. The work of art aims to contradict the popular belief of nudity seen as a shameful sin, but instead provoke a sense of the power and confidence of a woman.

09_distortedthreads copy
09_distortedthreads_detail1 copy
09_distortedthreads_detail2 copy

Distorted Threads

Mixed Media; Watercolour, Pencil, metal rings and Wool on Card Board

This work shows how the human body is distorted in the eyes of media in the world of fashion. The division of the work into three parts separates the torso of the female figure. It emphasizes how the female body is required to meet certain standards in order to be accepted by the media and society around her.  

artist        •         designer        •         creator


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